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Lightweight Exterior Mouldings for Residential and Commercial Properties

We specialize in decorative exterior mouldings custom made to order

Installation of Lightweight Mouldings:

Foamworks requires a qualified builder tradesmen with lightweight moulding installation experience to perform and carry out moulding installation.  We strongly advise against first time D.I.Y. persons attempting to install mouldings without professional assistance.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, here are some helpful tips and must do requirements regarding installation of Foamworks lightweight exterior mouldings.

Be sure that mouldings are always stored on a flat dry surface and out of direct sunlight for any extended period of time prior to installation. 

It is important that climate conditions continue to remain dry during installation and temperature stay be between 5 and 35 Celsius.  Be aware that temperatures can affect adhesive and sealant cure times.

Ensure both contacting surfaces are clean, dry and free of any loose particles prior to installation.

Only use adhesives and sealants that are polycarbonate , polystyrene, foam safe.  Foamworks Pty Ltd is not liable for any loss or damage caused by incompatible foam adhesives, sealants, paint, installation techniques or technical advise for any reasons.

Here are some popular adhesives and sealants you may already be familiar with.

H.B. Fuller Fast Grip Adhesive   
*H.B. Fuller ULTRA CLEAR Sealant
*illbruck Panel Adhesive PU033, (formerly called PU010)
*TOUCH 'N SEAL Foam Gun ll Polyurethane Adhesive - Application
Bostik No More Nails Adhesive   
Tremco TremFil Polycarbonate Sealant 
*RITETACK from Eurotech - RITETACK Adhesive
*POWER-X from Eurotech - POWER-X Adhesive & Sealant in one
Click on Links above and Pictures below for more infomation

Always strike a chalk line where the moulding is to be installed so they can be placed straight as possible.  Nails place along the chalk line can really help in supporting larger mouldings while the adhesive dries.   The nail holes will then get covered with sealant when it is applied around all the moulding edges for weatherproofing.

Special Note:
If you decide to use the illbruck PU033 or Touch 'n Seal Gun Foam ll products, (two centre ones in pictures above), you need to keep in mind that these adhesive are an expanding foam adhesive, commonly use to fill large gaps between cladding and casement windows.  When used improperly on mouldings will expand creating gaps between your moulding and structure, not good. 

Therefore, what you have to do is after applying the adhesive, slide the moulding side to side effectively reducing the adhesive foam air bubbles and then remove the moulding for just a few minutes allowing the adhesive to finish expanding and become tacky.  A word of caution, do not become distracted for any reason, (turn your phone off if you have to) as these adhesives are very unforgiving and set quickly.  A double edged sword, part of its appeal as well. 

You will find these adhesives have a very strong grip when reapplying the moulding after they are allowed to tack up and cure rapidly in as little as 30-40 minutes.  I urge you to take the time to read the (TDS) on both products and you will discover a list of other benefits you might have otherwise missed.

If installing moulding across an expansion joint, the moulding likewise needs to have a similar sized gap carried through the moulding and filled with sealant.  Using a masonry diamond circular saw blade works best for a smooth flat cut, because it has no teeth it will not tear at the EPS foam beads or cause chipping of the hard coating.  A regular saw tooth blade simply does not work well with lightweight mouldings and will not leave a clean, flat, smooth finish like a diamond blade will.

When doing mitred corners adding an extra +1.5mm to external corners and conversely subtracting a -1.5mm for internal corners can help for a better fit.   Always check the moulding against the wall before applying any glue.  Using a heat gun on the foam corners can make for tighter mitre joints, but be sure not to over do it as you will have to fill up any voids created with adhesive when joining.

When joining straight sections of mouldings together, be sure to use a mitre joint like the professionals.  They provide a larger glue contact surface area making for an even stronger joint.  With the additional benefit of masking that area so it becomes a less detectable.  Even if you take care to prepping both ends with a fresh clean cut, doing a butt joint is still asking for trouble in the long run.  Yes it is quicker and easier but you have to ask your self this, would you do it that way on your own property?

If for some reason after installation you need to address any gaps where joining has taken place, use an exterior patch coarse powdered filler for concrete and masonry to fill the gaps.  There are several on the market made for filling and sealing concrete, masonry etc. that provide excellent adhesion, weather and water resistant and sand to a smooth finish.


All mouldings require a high quality sealant that is flexible, weatherproof, UV resistant,  paintable to be applied around all moulding edges is a must, no exceptions! H.B. Fuller Ultra Clear Sealant is a highly flexible sealant which guns out white, then dries clear for easy application.

Likewise, it is important that all mouldings get at least two coats of a quality weathershield 100% acrylic exterior paint.  Such as “Dulux Weathershield 100% Acrylic Exterior Paint” that has UV protection, resists mould, dirt, stains and cleans up easily with water.  A fresh coat of paint every 5-7 years will go a long way in protecting your investment.

We are confident that if you take your time and use quality materials, you will be rewarded with some trouble free amazing results that will last a long long time. Any questions, comments, suggestions or feedback are welcome and encouraged.  So please don’t hesitate contacting us for any reason.
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